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Online cash advances for Arizona | Repealing Prop 200? Online cash advances in Arizona after Prop 200? It could happen. This is the conclusion of “Online cash advances for Arizona | Repealing Prop 200.” Click here if you missed the beginning of the article. Freedom of Online cash advance Choice Mr. Pearce sounds like he has a great deal more perspective, or at least more than knee-jerk critics of online cash advances seem to have. It’s quite simple, he feels. “At times, people have no other place to go to for a loan.” Mr. West, who lambastes Pearce in his letter to the Arizona Republic, goes on to make a comparison that he feels is viable: Should society legalize brothels even though it may be the only place some men can go for female companionship? It could be argued, Mr. West, that the legalization issue you jokingly propose is a moot point in light of the real problems people face in this world. With the proper controls in place, where is the exploitation?Online cash advances already have protections in place that serve the public, and nobody is being forced to use the product in an irresponsible fashion. What is your point, Mr. West? Other Republic readers disagree with West about online cash advances Reader Marcparella responds to West’s comparison with a view rather close to this author’s: I don’t have a problem (with legalizing prostitution). And I don’t have problem with online cash advance outfits either. I would be in favor of regulating the industry and making sure Truth in Lending Laws are practiced (They are – Ed.). Then Marcparella raises even more valid comparisons: Would you outlaw used car dealers? Or financial institutions that charge outrageous default rates? Or online college programs with “iffy” accreditation, or how about all of Wall Street for that matter? Seems like those folks did more damage to our society than reputable short-term loan outfits. The bottom line: it is a “buyer beware” world. Marcparella recognizes that no matter what a consumer is considering, healthy caution and moderation are wise. So does Scot, another reader: Where would you draw the line between legitimate lenders and an industry which “preys on the vulnerable” in our society? Ignorance and stupidity make one vulnerable, and the world is full of people and businesses who take advantge of that. Just look at the “affordable housing” industry and where that got us. The fact is, one cannot legislate against stupidity. People must take responsiblity for their own welfare, not expect someone else to take care of them. The payday industry is only furnishing something that people either want or need, or think they do. People must have the freedom to choose a online cash advance if they want The freedoms granted to Americans by the Constitution give us the right to choose a product likeonline cash advances if we are in a fix and need some cash assistance before the next payday. Lobbying for that right is within our rights. It is as simple as fighting for what is right for a significant percentage of the population, not for something that may be unwanted competition for the select few (banks andcredit unions). Get your online cash advance now
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