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Need a Online cash advance for the “OMG Computer Keyboard For Blondes!” This may be the answer you are looking for and it may be worth taking out a Online cash advance if you are blonde. Computers and technical gadgets just seem to get bigger and better, leaving people like me feeling not so technologically savvy. At my place of employment, the “please help me desk” is my best friend. The OMG must have! However, it is nice to know that in this ever expanding information technology era that someone out there understands, and is rooting for, blondes. Yes my fair-headed friends, a true entrepreneur has come along and has created the “OMG must have” pink computer keyboard designed with blondes in online cash advance mind. The backspace key now says, “Oops” online cash advance This keyboard has swapped out the more challenging phrases with more understandable and easy to use phrases. For example, the backspace key now says, “Oops,” and the caps lock reads “Warning: size XXL letters.” The escape key simply says, “NO,” while the space bar is entitled “The Big One: I need my space.” They should have put an “apply” key that takes you directly to an “apply” button for a online cash advance! Then there are the Useless keys! online cash advance The function keys have finally been properly named, “USELESS KEYS.” Laugh as you may, but seriously who really knows what those function keys are supposed to do? Stand up and shout out a cheer you fellow on-line shoppers! The enter key has been named “Yes! I want it!” Texters-this is for you! Anyone hopelessly obsessed with texting? Then this keyboard is for you! There are a series of special keys that type out “OMG,” “ALI” (Absolutely Love It!), “LOL” or “XOXO.” Or that “apply” key would talked about earlier could have been shortened to a “PL” key to apply for that online cash advance! Have a hard time understanding the numbers? Love Las Vegas anyone? Oh yes, the number keys not only have the numbers spelled out, but they also have dice dots for further reinforcement. Pink? Dice? Somebody pinch me! If you are still not sold, this last bit of information might just cause you to inadvertently hit the enter key and scream, “Yes! I want it!” Some of the keys actually talk to you. For example, when you hit the $ sign, you will hear the sweet cha-ching of a cash register. Only $49.95! online cash advance The keyboard sells for $49.95 at the Keyboard for Blondes Website. So if this has just been added to the top of your Christmas list, but you are a little low on cash, consider taking out a online cash advance at Get your online cash advance now
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