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Online cash advance stores might benefit from security cameras. Robberies at payday advance loan stores Robberies are happening at Online cash advance Stores Iíve come across a lot of news stories lately about robberies at payday advance loan stores. Because of the nature of the business, online cash advance stores have to have lots of cash on hand. This has made them popular targets for robbers. Stores in Washington, Indiana and Iowa have been hit. Before this problem spreads, I think itís time for action. Online cash advance store security Most payday lenders already have the sense to make sure there is more than one employee in the store at all times. That is a good first step. But clearly that isnít enough. Online cash advance stores need to do more to protect their employees and their capital. Security cameras could help dissuade robbers or identify them. Video surveillance could help Video surveillance cameras have been shown to deter thieves and robbers in all kinds of businesses. The cameras should be visible, but high enough that they canít be tampered with. Signs on the door informing entrants that there are cameras on the premises will help prevent robberies. You may think that cameras wonít help in cases when the robbers wear ski masks or other covers over their faces. However, security cameras can verify a robberís height, body type, clothing and other information that will help catch the criminals. Things to consider Payday lenders must be careful not to violate the privacy of employees or customers. Cameras should only be placed in public places, not in restrooms or other private areas. They also must take precautions to protect customersí privacy and personal information. Where are the suspects? One of the main reasons I am advocating that payday advance loan stores ramp up security is that in the six robberies I have read about, police have only made one arrest. My suspicion is that more online cash advance store robberies are happening because other criminals read or hear about the ones who get away with it. Copy cat crimes are common with many types of offenses, and I think online cash advance store robberies are no different. Criminals are beginning to think that online cash advance stores are easy targets. Online online cash advance stores safe and sound Online online cash advances stores have many benefits. Online cash advances are quick, convenient and they save the borrower the cost of transportation and the time it takes to go to a online cash advance store. But another benefit that doesnít often get talked about is safety. Because online cash advances stores exist only in cyber space, they arenít targeted by common criminals with guns. This keeps employees safe. Details on recent robberies Probably the most disturbing chain of online cash advance store robberies is the spree in Spokane, Washington. Apparently one man committed three online cash advance store robberies. He robbed the same online cash advance store twice in a little more than a week. He also robbed two stores in one day. So far, the police have no suspects. In Indiana, a pair of robbers hit two different stores in an hour. Because of cases like these I think it would be wise for online cash advance stores to develop a method for alerting other payday lenders in the area of robberies. Police need to put forth more effort to prevent these robberies, too. I would even go so far as to say that officers should monitor nearby payday advance loan stores in the event that a robbery is called in. Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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