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SEE WHY Short Term Online cash advances Aren't "Questionable" Proposition 200 is coming up for a vote on November 4, and Arizona media is doing their best to cast unwarranted aspersions on an industry – short term online cash advances – that wants to maintain its livelihood and continue to compete with other financial institutions in the spirit of the free market. Online cash advances offer consumers the freedom of choice when it comes to those emergency situations where the budget won’t stretch quite far enough to cover an unexpected expense. However, if we are to buy into Melissa Blasius’s of NBC 12 News report, we would assume that just because thebad credit online cash advances industry has spent a large amount of money to support YES on 200 efforts means that they are self-serving and are not interested in real reform. Blasius breaks out the common and oh-so-misinformed “400 PERCENT APR!” yawner, which has no bearing on online cash advances, short term loans or anything related. Online cash advances are TWO-WEEK loans, not annual loans. The percentage rate a consumer pays is 15 percent if their lender charges $15 per $100 loaned. The fixation on APR (annual percentage rate) that the media, banks and credit unions have is based originally upon the 1968 Truth in Lending Act, but now it’s merely a false rallying point. Short term online cash advances operate differently. As the name implies, they work on an installment basis, making repayment much easier. Plus, the consumer is the one who chooses their debit date. Banks and credit unions want short term lenders put out of business because they pose too much competition for their big moneymaker: check overdraft protection fees. If you want to talk scary interest rates, take a gander at this reportfrom the Center for American Progress. Americans are paying in excess of $17.5 billion per year. Ouch! If you want to know the REAL deal about why you should vote YES on 200 in Arizona, check out this site. Then you’ll see why short term online cash advances are useful, inexpensive compared to the options banks and credit unions would like you to have and essential if we are to maintain the consumer’s freedom of choice when it comes to how they will manage their finances. Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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