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Why Jane Got a Business Online cash advance Jane, like many other small business owners, used money from her personal savings, donations from friends and family and bank loans to get her business started. Those funds got her business off the ground and her business credit card helped her to sustain her business, making it what it is today. online cash advance Unfortunately, also like many other entrepreneurs, Jane was recently forced to close her credit card, leaving her to look to other sources for business funds. Her first thought was to go to the bank. However, unsurprisingly, her application was denied. online cash advance Then, Jane decided to do something she'd never done before - apply for a business online cash advance. She heard that online cash advance providers were still offering eligible merchants up to $500,000 in funds, in spite of the economy. She researched the requirements and figured that since she'd owned her business for more than six months, her business processed at least $3,500 in monthly credit card sales, she had a year remaining on her lease and she had no unresolved bankruptcies, she would soon be approved for an advance. online cash advance Jane was right. She completed her two-page application and submitted it along with her last four months of merchant statements. 48 hours later, she was approved and seven days after that, her business online cash advance provider wired her funds into her account. online cash advance With her advance, Jane was able to pay for inventory and other daily operating expenses in order to keep her business on its feet, during a time when getting sufficient business funds had become very difficult. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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