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Bad Credit? Screw the Banks - Get a Merchant Online cash advance Instead I'm sure that many of you already know about the financial crises and that we have all had to spend hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out these banks because of their greed and bad investments. And what do we get in return? They refuse to offer loans to who is supposed to be the backbone of our economy; the small business owner. online cash advance I am a pretty mild mannered guy and I don't usually rant like this, but sometimes I read an article in the news that infuriates me. Many people have no idea how many small business owners are suffering in this economy. I do. I see it every day. Because of this economy; many of these business owners have had a hard time keeping up with their bills. This in turn makes it even that much harder to get a business loan from the bank. These small businesses didn't create this problem... it was the banks. online cash advance Luckily many of these businesses have been able to get funded with a merchant online cash advance. I know they are not perfect, but they do have their advantages. One of these advantages is that you stand a good chance of actually getting funded even after you've been turned down by the banks. In fact; they approve up to 90% of all businesses so long as they meet some minimum requirements. These requirements are; you need to have owned the business for at least 4 months, and you must process at least $2,500 a month in credit card sales. online cash advance Another big advantage is that it takes only days to get funded instead of several weeks. That is a big deal when you really need the money. Every day you have to wait for funding can have a tremendous impact on your business. online cash advance Don't get me wrong. Banks have helped millions of small businesses throughout the years, but they seem to have lost their way. These large financial institutions aren't going anywhere (most of them anyway). But until things go back to normal; there are alternatives out there. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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