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How Credit Works | Online cash advance Blog Tips For Financial Success online cash advances money blog, we talk about a variety of financial topics and money-saving tips, tricks and strategies that help you stretch each of your hard-earned dollars the furthest. We care about your financial welfare and want to equip you effectively to prosper financially. That being said, today we are going to start a series on credit — undeniably the most important and least understood part of consumer financial education. online cash advance What is Credit? Most consumers don’t realize the importance of credit or even what credit is. When most of us hear the term credit we think of all the plastic in our wallet that allows us to charge purchases for later payment. Often times the term credit brings a mixture of both good and bad feelings because of the opportunity it provides us as well as the difficulties it can bring in light of the debt we as consumers tend to accumulate. The Objective of this Series on Credit online cash advance For the duration of this series, however, we will be talking about credit in the terms of personal credit or credit score, or in other words the scoring index by which creditors judge our “credit worthiness” or ability to handle money effectively and responsibly. online cash advance How Credit Works How credit works is complicated, but to get the ball rolling a little more quickly, let’s just throw out a quick description in layman terms. online cash advance Every time a consumer, such as yourself, applies for an account with a creditor — such as a bank, credit card company, retail store, auto loan, personal loan or even a home mortgage — the account is reported to each of the nations three main credit bureaus. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
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