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Florida Online cash advances FAQs How do banks and brokers rate online cash advances? Banks and brokers rate online cash advances according to collateral, capacity to pay and credit. Collateral is the property that the borrower will pledge to the lender to secure a loan and this will be subject to seizure if terms are not met. Capacity to pay is the brokers ability to pay the loan and can be determined by the borrower's income or employment. Credit is the borrower's capacity to obtain good or bad credit. If all three factors are met and the property is of great value, then you will have no problem in getting a loan. If one is unsatisfactory among the three factors, then adjustments and new conditions will be set and these will be subject for approval. online cash advance Q. What is the difference between pre-qualifying and pre-approval? A. Pre-qualification is usually made by a loan officer who has determined the dollar value that you may be approved for. But it is not a real commitment as the loan officer is not in a position to make a final approval. Pre-approval on the other hand is already a foot in the door because this means that your qualifications such as your credit history, employment, and income has been verified, allowing you to close a deal very quickly. online cash advance What is amortization? This is the term used for the regular payments made in periodic installments for the principal and interest of the loan. Currently, loans can be amortized up to a 30-year period. online cash advance What are the closing costs? Upon the closing of the mortgage, the borrower pays settlement costs or closing costs depending on the terms with the bank or the broker. These may involve origination fees, discount points, credit report, attorney services, appraisal, property survey, insurance, and so forth. Be sure that you are clear about these fees from the very beginning. online cash advance What documents are normally required for a mortgage? Minimum requirements include driver's license or any valid ID, tax returns or W-2 of the past two years, and recent paycheck for W-2 employees. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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