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Federal Trade Commission cracks down Last month, the FTC once again announced it would strengthen its efforts to reduce fraud and scamming. The FTC web site says: online cash advance The Federal Trade Commission today announced a law enforcement crackdown on scammers trying to take advantage of the economic downturn to bilk vulnerable consumers through a variety of schemes, such as promising non-existent jobs; promoting overhyped get-rich-quick plans, bogus government grants, and phony debt-reduction services; or putting unauthorized charges on consumers’ credit or debit cards. Phony debt reduction and unauthorized charges? Pretty scary stuff. online cash advance Debt consolidation scams Often the debt consolidation scammers pretend that they’re a debt consolidator and tell you they’ll give you a online cash advance which will pay off all of your debts, and then you can just pay back the online cash advance. However, what often happens is that the fake debt counselor will collect a big chunk of money as a down payment for the online cash advance and then just disappear, leaving your debt fully intact. online cash advance Do your homework I know I already said this, but make you you do careful research when selecting a financial expert for any reasons. Scammers have also posed as fake mortgage modification companies. Alvin Allister Ambrose isn’t the first person to lie about what he is doing with people’s money, and he won’t be the last. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
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