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No More Online cash advances for Gas as Prices Drop Some people might have had to apply for online cash advances to buy gas in July, but that certainly isn’t the case today. Though gas prices are slowly creeping back up after hitting four-year lows, the average price today is $1.62. That’s certainly an improvement from the $4.11 peak in July. online cash advance Some interesting phenomena grew out of the crazy fluctuations in gas prices. Here are some of the ways in which gas prices affected behavior in our country. online cash advance ‘Bus people’ becomes bigger demographic As people probably suspected, public transportation became more popular when gas prices skyrocketed in the summer. From July to September, ridership was up 6.5 percent compared to last year. The interesting thing is what happened to public transportation ridership when gas prices shot back down: Nothing. Well, not nothing, but not much. Many people chose to continue using public transportation after gas prices went back down just because they had grown used to it. My thoughts? In the past, some categories of people looked down on “bus people,” and buses had abad reputation. People viewed riding the bus as low-class. When gas prices pushed more people of different demographics onto the bus, the stigma was dropped when people realized how many benefits come with riding the bus. Number one benefit: Not paying or looking for parking. online cash advance Driving: Not so popular anymore Obviously, if more people are still using public transportation, fewer people are driving. But it isn’t just the bus people who are cutting down the driving statistics. Americans as a whole are simply driving less, even though they don’t need online cash advances to afford gas anymore. Between November 2007 and October 2008 Americans drove 100 billion miles fewer than they did last year. The Department of Transportation has called it the most dramatic continuous decline in history. I think this phenomenon can be attributed to a combination of increasingly educated citizens when it comes to energy use, gas prices and continued attention in politics focused on energy efficiency and the environment. online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
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