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Talk about a tax hike online cash advance While less driving is good for the environment, itís not good for state budgets. As Americans buy less gas, that means they are paying less in gas taxes. In fact, driving has declined so much that the federal commission that oversees financing for transportation is considering a tax hike. online cash advance Money from gas taxes goes toward highway and public road construction and repair. The commission is urging a 50 percent increase in the gas tax to ensure these services will continue to be funded. online cash advance The man behind the pump A gas tax hike will only make things worse for already struggling gas station owners. Gas stations only make 30 percent of their profit from gas, even though gas constitutes 70 percent of their sales. The majority of their profit comes from buying food and other goods inside the store. online cash advance Traffic is everything for gas station profits. When more people buy gas, more come inside and contribute to the stationís profits. As more and more people are skipping trips to the gas station, profits are falling, falling, falling. online cash advance If these trends continue, it might be gas station owners applying for online cash advances. Related Articles online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
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