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The Online cash advance Debate | What Do You Think The Online cash advances Debate Part 1 The integrity of the online cash advances industry has been cast over by a shadow of public opinion, largely shaped by the anti-industry campaigns which blame online cash advances for trapping consumers into cycles of debt with high interest rates. This anti-industry rhetoric has largely defaced the online cash advances industry, and legislation has been passed in several states limiting the industryís activity or outright banning them altogether. As you may recall, Ohio recently passed legislation causing 79 brick and mortar online cash advances stores to close. They were not being prevented from operating in the state but the interest rates were capped significantly reducing their profit margin to such an extent that they couldnít be profitable. Proposition 200 in Arizona was putting similar restrictions on the industry as well. Todayís Objective This article will be an attempt to cut through the propaganda that you may have heard in regards to the industry, and give you the real facts as they are easy to understand. I canít tell you that this is a non-bias article as I am a staunch believer in preserving our financial freedoms, especially when it comes to my own money AND what I choose to do with it. I also post quite frequently to this blog and as you may have noticed, but this blog isnít just about online cash advances, cash advances or short term installment loans. It offers its readers a wide consortium of financially related articles instructing readers on how to exercise financial responsibility, save money, and help secure their financial future. Online cash advances are just a one facet of Personal Money Store. Even so, we have had our own share of attacks by those who oppose us and the services we offer to our clients. That being said, I will be gracious to the concerns of our opponents on the other side of the fence. Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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