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Amid the many scams that hit consumers in 2008, itís nice to know that getting quick cash through online cash advances from Personal Money Store is straightforward. People who take out online cash advances know exactly what they are getting and how much it will cost. Not the same can be said for other organizations in 2008. Scams involving mortgages, online cash advances and even stimulus checks left already cash-strapped consumers dealing with fraud. Other companies didnít engage in such shady practices, but they did tack on extra fees for fuel costs. In hopes of making 2009 a better year for the average consumer and a worse year for fraudsters, letís take a look at some of the shady practices that characterized the past year. Mortgage crisis spawns scams According to Smartmoney.com, some mortgage holders in 2008 fell prey to a practice called equity stripping. Con artists posed as mortgage brokers and offered homeowners fearing foreclosure an easy fix. Con artists asked homeowners to temporarily sign over the deeds to their homes. They said people could buy back their homes in a year and rent their property in the meantime. Meanwhile, fraudsters borrowed against the value of the home and often didnít keep up with mortgage payments. The homeowners seeking quick cash to keep them out of foreclosure ended up there anyway, or ended up with a hope that was completely stripped of equity. Online cash advance modification the sleazy way There are several legitimate companies that offer online cash advance modification to lower the amount people have to pay. However, fraudulent copycats figured out a way to capitalize on Americansí financial woes. So-called mortgage counselors charged an upfront fee, $500 to $1,000, then took the cash and ran. Victims were left with the same online cash advances, unaltered, and a big dent in what little money the did have. Tip for 2009: Online cash advance modification services do not charge fees upfront. Stimulus checks plus identity theft Before the Senate even approved tax rebates, identity thieves started making phone calls. They posed as people from the IRS and told taxpayers to tell them their social security and bank account numbers. Similar scams were run by e-mail. The defrauders cleaned out victimsí bank accounts and took out online cash advances under the stolen names. The truth is, the IRS already has your personal information, and it only contacts taxpayers by mail. You can get online cash advances online or over the phone, much quicker and easier than you can contact the IRS. Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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