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Regular, unleaded or too-high premium When gas prices skyrocketed in the first half of 2008, airlines, cruise ships and delivery services tacked on extra fees to cover gas. Funny thing is, when gas prices fell (now 77 percent lower than the July peak) the extra fees didn’t disappear. Some companies stopped calling the fees a gas charge, but they tacked them onto their regular prices. Not-so-free credit reports We’ve all seen the commercials for FreeCreditReport.com. Most of us have had some version of the company’s jingle stuck in our heads for days. (I know I have.) But people who have actually used the service know that their “free” credit report comes with a $14.95-per-month service fee unless they cancel their membership. According to Smartmoney, users are required to sign up for a membership and provide a credit card number to receive the credit report. After a seven-day trial period, if the account isn’t canceled, the card is automatically billed the $14.95 service fee. Looking ahead Now that these deceptive practices have been publicized, we can only hope that consumers will be more savvy in 2009. But savvy won’t prevent rising prices on some services. Many internet service providers are drawing up plans to switch from flat fees to per-minute usage fees. Others are thinking of imposing usage caps and charging for extra time on top of monthly fees. So buyer beware: Know what your internet provider is charging you before you watch your favorite show online at NBC.com. Help in hard times The economy is continuing its downward spiral. Online cash advances will no doubt provide consumers withquick cash for years to come — barring any radical changes in legislation — and at Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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