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A Online cash advance can be a Welcomed Answer for a Struggling Consumer Online cash advances may help consumers solve temporary money problems in a volatile market. The current recession is quickly being assessed as a long-term situation that consumers and businesses will have to maneuver through carefully. A quick-fix is not realistic. Though there are a lot of options available, itís estimated that until mid-2010 consumers wonít see a true stabilization of the market or experience any relief. Americansí buying patterns and businessesí income statements are giving a clear picture of the dilemma the economy is in. online cash advance What are buying patterns telling America? According to the Federal Reserve, consumersí spending makes up two-thirds of the U.S. economic activity. Unfortunately for the countryís financial situation, those consumers are being more frugal than they have in years. Three giants of consumerism, Wal-Mart, Burger King and Capital One Financial, all reported a declining profit in March. While they donít make up the entire American business world, they are a good cross-section of the economy and their income statements can give an accurate pictureof the market. online cash advance Burger King reported an 18% drop in shares in March and has noted a great lull in business, according to analysts. Americans are opting to buy in bulk at discount grocery stores and cook at home, rather than splurge on fast-food. They realize that cutting corners means stretching budgets and fast-food is no longer a viable option. online cash advance In March, retailers reported a 1.1% decline in sales. Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke confirms that after payday, most Americans are left with very little discretionary money. The storeís sales will be up at the beginning of the week but when Friday comes, buyers are looking for online cash advances and cash advances to make ends meet. A few more tell-tale signs of the economy can be seen with consistent buying patterns. Vitamins and diapers for example, are purchased in bulk at the beginning of the month and trickle down to smaller sales at the end. This is an indication of how people are portioning finances in the recession. online cash advance What does credit card activity tell Americans? According to Capital One, their charge-off rate, which is made up of accounts that the company categorizes as non-recoupable, is steadily increasing for U.S. credit card holders. The same thing is happening with American Express. Their charge off rates have grown from 8.6% in February to 8.8% in March. Itís estimated that the soaring unemployment rate is making it next to impossible for consumers to maintain themselves, much less pay off debt. Economists speculate that mid-2010 is the anticipated timeframe when the economy will begin to recover and consumers will be able to manage their finances again. Until that time, Americans have to be frugal and budget-conscious every time they go to the store and leave only with the necessities. online cash advance How can you save yourself? Online cash advances can help to level income throughout the month. Consumers are spending more at the beginning of the month and trying to stretch what is left over at the end. This isnít always possible when emergencies happen, i.e. cars break down, children get sick and water heaters break. Any number of things can happen to a household and put them in need of extra money until the next payday. One good option to have is the online cash advance where the application process is simple. If you are approved, the funds are in your pocket within 48 hours and the money is deducted from your account on the next payday. You can save yourself the worry of how to pay bills by looking into cash advance options. Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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