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when they apply for large-scale loans for homes, vehicles, education, etc. If banks could use online cash advance information against consumers, they most certainly would. Their track history of penalizing and confusing consumers with credit card terms prompted President Obama to step in with fair credit practice legislation, which in my mind only serves to support my argument that banks will charge whatever they can. Why Don’t Credit Card Companies Use Teletrack? You’d think credit card companies would find any subprime information about a consumer to be valuable in their attempts to justify higher rates and limiting practices. The study authors indicate that the reason credit card issuers don’t normally use Teletrack is that the credit bureaus charge them for each credit query. Perhaps the leverage they can glean on a consumer is not valuable enough to counteract the fees? Temptation Yields to Online cash advances Apply Now! Considering how much damage a consumer can do to their credit history by allowing revolving interest credit cards to spiral out of control, the set maturity period of online cash advances could readily be considered a better option. From a psychological standpoint, not having a tempting credit card in hand when you surf E-commerce sites or drift through the local shopping mall could be advantageous to the consumer. While Agarwal, Skiba and Tobacman have the beginnings of a useful study here, a larger sample of both credit card issuers and online cash advance businesses is needed to make a more meaningful assessment of the online cash advance’s supposed correlation with credit destruction. Perhaps then consumers can more easily see that the practices of banks who issue credit cards may be the most harmful advice out there. See the video below if you aren’t convinced of that yet… Get your online cash advance now
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