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Why Was I Denied a Online cash advance? I know its embarrassing to be denied a online cash advance. All is not lost, understand why you were denied. Then you can improve the situation and re-apply. First of all, when you are denied a online cash advance, you should receive a denial letter. Pay attention to the reason for the denial. If the letter does not make sense as to why you were denied, then request more information and be persistent!! Here are a few common reasons online cash advances are denied: Let me explain each of these: Supplying the Wrong Documents or Missing Some Documents Supplying these documents is very important. Supplying the documents is like showing them what is in your underwear drawer. Whatever document they ask for, give it to them. Sometimes you feel like "they do not have a right to know that," yes they do. Would you lend your best friend hundreds of thousands of dollars without knowing if they could pay it back or if they are being truthful with you? Of course not! So get ready to show them these documents not matter how personal. Keep the originals, only give them copies. online cash advance Insufficient Funds for Closing Costs or Down Payment Depending on the type of loan your applying for your down payment can be from 10% to 20% of the loan value. If you do not have the required down payment saved you may be denied the online cash advance. If you do not have much saved, then look to a FHA approved lender for a loan. They have lower down payment requirements and will have more flexibility with how you obtain your down payment. You can also investigate down payment assistance options. online cash advance Also consider that you will need money saved for closing costs. These can be up to 6% of the loan value for taxes, insurance, title insurance, etc. All these type of costs are needed to close your loan. If the lender sees you do not have enough saved for these costs, you may be denied a online cash advance. You cannot avoid these costs. So, if you do not have the money saved for these, there are some seller concessions that can help. But that will be up to the seller to agree to them. online cash advance Not Enough Income or Have not Worked at Your Current Job Long Enough online cash advance revolving accounts (like credit cards, department stores, etc.) and your term loans (like auto loans, student loans, etc.) are more than 42% of your gross income each month, you will also be denied. So then, if you have that kind of problem, wait and pay down your debt and then re-apply for the loan. online cash advance In addition to that, you should have two years of employment on the same job. If you changed jobs to improve your income that would be okay. Preferably, the lender would like to see you continue in the same line of work. online cash advance Consider in the last two years your employment history looked like this: online cash advance Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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