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Workers Might Need Online cash advances for Moving Costs We might see a higher demand for online cash advances among IBM workers if some of them suddenly have to move. This year IBM has already laid off more than 4,000 employees, but these layoffs come with an interesting option: Would you like a job in India? Go to where the outsourcing is? IBM is among the countless companies that have started using outsourcing to cut costs. I guess they finally started feeling guilty for giving jobs to people overseas at the same time they were causing Americans to lose their jobs. So now, when an employee is on the chopping block they have the option of moving to a country where IBM is hiring instead of firing. Prepare for online cash advances The way things are going in this country, I wouldn’t blame employees if they took the company up on its offer. For some, moving to another country might even be a benefit or fulfillment of a lifelong dream, who knows. However, moving is expensive; IBM says it will “help” with moving costs, which leads me to believe they won’t cover the full cost. That’s where online cash advances might help employees who were laid off, then rehired in another country, but haven’t gotten a paycheck in their new position yet. Big hassle or dream come true? Putting aside any political or ethical opinions on outsourcing in general, this might not be such a bad thing for some IBM employees. After all, they can chose from all of these countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. For people who love excitement and travel, getting online cash advances to cover moving costs might be the ticket to fulfilling a fantasy. Get your online cash advance now
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