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Electronic overload-I need a Online cash advance for a cable organizer Iím not even sure if a Online cash advance money can get me out of this mess! I stumbled into my study in the dark at 3 a.m., sleepless and thinking that an hour of calm solitaire playing on my computer would put me to sleep. I was practically decapitated by a wire hanging from the wall and connected to Jonathanís cell phone. He had left it charging. Electronic equipment charging everywhere In the kitchen, Tammyís phone is plugged into the switch of the toaster and Anneís phone is charging on the dining room table. When I complained that the house looked like a telephone service station they laughed and pointed at my two cameras charging on the study table. They also made some rude remarks about the battery charger hanging from the plug in the hallway and my electric razor charging in the bathroom. I kept quiet. Do you live in a house like this? Itís becoming impossible. Wires, plugs and strange gizmos everywhere. To complicate matters, creative children rig up wiring systems to suit their own needs. Of course, each child has a cell phone and no two cell phones use the same chargers. Each cell phone maker has its own charger design, sometimes using several across different models, which increases replacement costs for users and leads to unwanted cables when a consumer swaps brands. Tell me about it! Good news at last I read about it in the paper over coffee this morning. Finally Ė a standardized cell phone charger. Leading cell phone manufacturers announced on Tuesday they had agreed to produce a standardized charger for the industry in a move set to save money for consumers and reduce waste. A Online cash advance will get you one I canít wait for this new piece of hi-tech engineering to enter my low-tech home and life. A simple Online cash advance will put an end to this messy wiring and the arguments over who has Ďplug rightsí tonight. Their patience ran out? Just like mine! In a move set to make one small aspect of modern life simpler, cell phone companies are working on a one-size-fits-all charger for all new handsets, a report said on Monday. The European Union Industry Commissioner told a German radio station that with over 30 different kinds of chargers in use across the 27-nation European Union, his ďpatience is now at an end.Ē I wonder how many kids he has living at home? Introducing a one-size-fits-all charger will also cut costs since new cell phones would no longer have to be sold with a charger. The standard shape to be adopted by more than 20 manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola and Samsung is to be mini USB. The new charger will also be more energy efficient than current offerings. A chance to redesign It is seldom that an entire industry gets a chance to Ďstart againí as it were. Once production lines are up and running, the cost of change becomes prohibitive. But hereís a great opportunity for the cell phone industry to take a good look at their products and introduce many upgrades in one fell swoop. I canít wait This is going to take some time so Iím putting my Online cash advance application on ice. The minute I see the announcement Iíll take the money and get one of these gadgets for the house. This will work like socks in my house Ė one size fits all! Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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