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Articles discusses Online cash advances and whether they can Break a ... Depending on your personal circumstances, funds these days can be tight. We are going to discuss whether online cash advances are an appropriate choice in different circumstances. Primarily, most Americans have access to credit like credit cards, and some even have access to small loans from family or friends to get them through a tough spot. If this is you, then payday lending websites are likely not on your favorites list. That is typical for most people who do have other sources of short term credit and loans. WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF CREDIT? Many people, especially in this economy, are having a rough go of making ends meet. Are the families of these people any less deserving than those who have the privilege of accessing credit when their normal income fails to cover the budget? Some people actually think so, which is a real shame and somewhat of a shock to the conscience. Why would those with great incomes want to limit access to short term installment loans and online cash advances? BIG BUSINESS PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE IN THE MEDIA’S NEGATIVE REPORTING ON ONLINE CASH ADVANCES If you are an average family you are likely very appreciative that gas prices have gone down in recent weeks. It is a relief that you don’t need to scramble to come up with gas money. For many, the high gas prices did not even touch their lives except when they heard others complaining about it. Most of the people who have control over what the media and the news report about the different lending options are influenced by large banks. Do banks have any influence in your personal opinions? Unimaginable, but those who seem to be living a decent life are usually in a job position where banks have a direct or indirect influence on their “official opinion.” HOW BANKS AND THE MEDIA GET INTO YOUR HOME Again, there are two types of people we are talking about here. The first is the average family that struggles from time to time with bills and the other family who didn’t even notice that gas prices were outrageous except in observation only. Those who make decisions about what goes in the news and what is on TV are paid by someone. Large banks control huge advertising budgets and therefore can influence what makes it into the news just by simple the principle of conflict of interest. The media has to balance the interests of their readers or viewers and their own pocket books. MEDIA FAVORS THE INDUSTRIES WITH THE LARGEST ADVERTISING BUDGETS As the average family, how is your perception of the online cash advance industry shaped? Have you directly ever gotten a loan to avoid a budget emergency? Is your opinion based on direct experience or based on what you have heard. We all know where “they” got their expert opinions. Most people repeat pretty much everything they hear in person, on TV, radio, or what they read in the paper. The sad fact is that most opinion is influenced one way or another strongly against online cash advances by the competitors of the online cash advance industry. WHY ARE BANKS AGAINST THE ONLINE CASH ADVANCE AND SHORT TERM INSTALLMENT LOAN INDUSTRIES? Get your online cash advance now
online cash advance

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