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What to Know about a Free Cash advance Are you stuck in a financial rut? Have you maxed out your monthly budget on various expenses, and now you need cash fast? Your car got totaled and your insurance doesnít have collision coverage. Applying for a personal loan from a bank may take weeks to get approved. And hold on, you wonít get your paycheck for a while, so what are your options? Maybe itís about time that you apply for a cash advance. What is the cash advance anyway? How different is this kind of loan as opposed to others that you can apply for? Some sources term cash advances as cash advance loans or paycheck loans. It is different from car loans, home loans, and the like because cash advances can be approved within a few days, and you can get the loan for free, with no interest. Here are some of the requirements for applying for a free cash advance. First, your loan amount has to be within the maximum, which is from $300 to $600, depending on the lender. Borrowers should be at least 18 years of age, with a regular monthly income with a minimum of $1,000. Also, the cash advanceer should have an active checking account. When you are approved for your loan, which can take one day to five days at most, you will write a post-dated check for your lender. The date specified will be your next payday. Your loan may be received into your account within a few days. When you get paid on your next salary day, you will deposit your paycheck into your checking account. This deposit will serve as your payment to the lender. When is it advisable to get a free cash advance, cash advance loan, or paycheck loan? A lot of people say that this option may be applied for in emergency situations, such as medical expenses, home repairs, auto repairs, and others. Donít apply for a cash advance if you think you wonít be able to get through the following month without receiving you paycheck. Avoid having to apply for consecutive cash advances. If you still need to get a cash advance, be sure you have back up for the next month. Also, it is wise to monitor your expenses in the future. Save a little extra in a separate bank account, so you can tap into financial resources in times of emergency.
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